The Kyle Schwarber Gamble is Paying Off

TJ Lovenduski

Before the World Series started, the Chicago Cubs made a surprise move. They activated Kyle Schwarber.

This season Kyle Schwarber appeared in 2 games. He hit .000. Then, he hurt his knee and was lost to the season. Or so we thought. But then reports started to leak that Schwarber may actually be activated, and play in the World Series. This was an unprecedented move. Pete Rose was quick to determine the move as a mistake, saying that “I wish he wouldn’t, but he’s going to strike out three times tonight.”

Pete Rose was wrong though. It’s crazy to think that someone can play in the World Series after not playing about seven months, and do so well. But it’s happening. This crazy move, is paying off for the Cubs.

Schwarber was quick to remind the baseball world why this move was made. In his second at-bat Schwarber hit a ball of the wall and we all remembered. He has unreal power. Fangraphs rates his raw power as 70/70. That type of power can change a game. It can change a series. That’s why the Cubs made this move.

But it didn’t stop there. In Game 2, Schwarber went 2-4 with 2 RBIs and a run scored. He’s hitting .429 in the series.

Now, the question becomes what does Joe Maddon do with Schwarber in Chicago? Does he try to play him in the outfield? Or will he be resigned to one at-bat a game as a pinch hitter? These are the questions we’re all waiting to have answered. But the important thing is that so far, this crazy, ridiculous move has worked out for the Cubs. Don’t be surprised if Joe Maddon finds a way to make that success continue in Chicago.

Author: Thrive Nation

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