NFL Quarterback Rankings

Jake DeWitt

Tier 1

  1. Tom Brady
    For those of you that like to compare Michael Jordan and LeBron James, just know that Tom Brady can rock four Super Bowl rings at one time. Only Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana can say that.
  2. Ben Roethlisberger
    Big Ben has some clock monument named after him in England. Not really, but the guy is pretty great these days. He’s a moose in the pocket and knows how to keep his eyes downfield. With Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell on his side, Big Ben’s job has been pretty easy the last couple years. Oh yeah, he also has two Super Bowl championships to his name.
  3. Aaron Rodgers
    Rodgers is one of the greatest workers in NFL history. Many thought A-a-ron could not fill Brett Favre’s footsteps in 2008. To be honest, he has not. The University of California product has paved his own path with a much different style of play. He also led the Packers to a Super Bowl championship in 2010 in just his third season as the full-time starter.
  4. Cam Newton
    SuperCam is the greatest dual-threat quarterback to touch an NFL field since Michael Vick in his heyday. The 2015 NFL MVP is off to a rough start this season, but most, if not all, teams would choose Newton if they could build around one player.
  5. Drew Brees
    Brees’ career will end with him as one of the most decorated quarterbacks of all-time. He ranks third in career completions, passing yards, and passing touchdowns behind only Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

Tier 2

6. Eli Manning
7.Carson Palmer
8. Russell Wilson
9. Andrew Luck

Tier 3

10. Philip Rivers
11. Andy Dalton
12. Derek Carr
13. Matt Ryan

Tier 4

14. Matthew Stafford
15. Ryan Fitzpatrick
16. Sam Bradford
17. Tony Romo
18. Jameis Winston
19. Carson Wentz
20. Alex Smith
21. Joe Flacco
22. Blake Bortles
23. Trevor Siemian
24. Marcus Mariota
25. Dak Prescott
26. Tyrod Taylor
27. Jimmy Garoppolo
28. Ryan Tannehill
29. Brock Osweiler
30. Kirk Cousins

Tier 5

31. Jacoby Brissett
32. Colin Kaepernick
33. Josh McCown
34. Brian Hoyer
35. Jay Cutler


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