Weekly Rankings: September 26th


AL East

The Boston Red Sox clinched a playoff berth earlier this week, while the Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays continue to hold off the Tigers and Mariners in the AL Wild Card race. The Jays play the Yankees Monday before starting a three-game series against the Orioles on Tuesday in Canada, and finishing up the season with another three-game series in Boston. After the series against the Blue Jays, the Orioles head to New York to square off against the Yankees in a three-game set. According to ESPN.com the Blue Jays have a 93.9% chance to make the postseason, while the Orioles have a 67.2%. The Yankees’ postseason dreams are down to a minute 0.1% chance.

AL Central

The Indians hold a seven-game lead over the Tigers in the AL Central, and can lock up the division tonight as the Tribe begins a four-game set in Detroit. The Tigers will likely have to win an AL Wild Card spot to make the postseason, but ESPN projects Detroit’s chances to be just 26.8% heading into Monday. Like the Yankees, the Royals have just a 0.1% chance to qualify.

AL West

Texas finds itself in the postseason as winners of the AL West, and arguably the best team in the American League. Seattle cooled off this week and saw its playoff chances dwindle to just 8.6%. Houston’s is on the outside looking in with just a 3.4% chance to qualify.

NL East

The Nats clinched the NL East yet again, despite awful play for 2015 NL MVP Bryce Harper. Daniel Murphy, Tanner Roark, and Trea Turner have carried this team a long way in 2016. At 88.0% chance to make the postseason, the Mets seem ready for October after a 17-0 victory over Philadelphia on Sunday. Fans should exercise caution though as they’ve seen New York choke before.

Miami isn’t mathematically eliminated, as the team still has a 0.1% chance to make the postseason. Honestly, the postseason is probably the last thing on minds of Marlin players and fans after learning of the sudden and tragic death of ace Jose Fernandez Sunday morning.

NL Central

The Cubs clinched the best record in MLB, and are just one win away from becoming the first team to 100 wins in 2016. The Cardinals are a half-game behind the Giants for the second NL Wild Card spot, but still have a better chance (57.6%) to make the postseason than the Giants. The Pirates’ season appears over, but they are not mathematically eliminated yet.

NL West

The Dodgers clinched the NL West, and appear to be the best team in the National League. Clayton Kershaw returned to form after an extended stay on the disabled list with a back injury, and remains the best pitcher in all of baseball. Corey Seager continues to put up MVP-caliber numbers, and should garner serious votes for the award. San Francisco lost close games this week to Los Angeles, St. Louis, and San Diego. The good news for the Giants: they have six home games remaining. The bad news for the Giants: the last three are against the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are determined to spoil the Even Year Magic once and for all.

  1. *- Chicago Cubs (99-56) (Previous Week, 1)
  2. X- Texas Rangers (92-64) (2)
  3. Z- Boston Red Sox (92-64) (5)
  4. Cleveland Indians (90-65) (4)
  5. X- Los Angeles Dodgers (6)
  6. X- Washington Nationals (91-64) (3)
  7. Toronto Blue Jays (86-69) (7)
  8. Baltimore Orioles (85-71) (8)
  9. Detroit Tigers (83-72) (10)
  10. Houston Astros (82-74) (12)
  11. New York Mets (83-73) (13)
  12. San Francisco Giants (9)
  13. Seattle Mariners (82-73) (11)
  14. St. Louis Cardinals (81-74) (15)
  15. New York Yankees (79-76) (14)
  16. Kansas City Royals (79-77) (16)
  17. Miami Marlins (77-78) (17)
  18. Pittsburgh Pirates (77-78) (18)
  19. Colorado Rockies (73-83) (20)
  20. Chicago White Sox (74-81) (19)
  21. Milwaukee Brewers (70-86) (21)
  22. Philadelphia Phillies (70-86) (23)
  23. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (69-87) (27)
  24. San Diego Padres (66-90) (25)
  25. Oakland Athletics (67-88) (22)
  26. Cincinnati Reds (65-90) (24)
  27. Tampa Bay Rays (65-90) (28)
  28. Arizona Diamondbacks (64-91) (26)
  29. Atlanta Braves (63-92) (29)
  30. Minnesota Twins (56-100) (30)

* (Clinched Best League Record)
X (Clinched Division)
Y (Clinched Playoff Berth)

Stats courtesy of ESPN.com


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