Weekly Rankings: September 19


AL East

The last ten games have seen the Boston Red Sox go 7-3, while the Orioles and Blue Jays continue to fall behind. Boston is in the driver’s seat, and control their own destiny. Toronto and Baltimore are leading the Wild Card race, however, so it’s very possible we see three AL East teams in the playoffs, a deserving feat for the best division in baseball this season.

AL Central

The Cleveland Indians are going to win this division. They have an eight-game lead over the Detroit Tigers. Detroit is only three back in the Wild Card race though, and could benefit from an Orioles v. Blue Jays series at the end of September if they can stay close.

AL West

The Texas Rangers have turned in a year beyond expectations. beyondtheboxscore.com even wrote an article that they were lucky, rather than that good. But for a team with the best record in the American League I think the Rangers will be okay currently holding an 8.5-game lead over Seattle.

NL East

The Nationals are going to win this division, but will have some questions concerning Stephen Strasburg. Tanner Roark will help soften that blow as he’s pitched his way to a 2.75 ERA and they have that Max Scherzer guy. The Mets, however, will need to overcome an injury to Jacob deGrom as they attempt to hold on to a Wild Card spot.

NL Central

The Cubs have won the game of baseball this regular season. They are the favorites heading into the playoffs and it shouldn’t be questioned. That’s really all there is to say about the NL Central.

NL West

While the Dodgers currently hold a five-game lead, they have to play six more games against the Giants this season. Those are games to watch as they will likely play a huge part in the National League playoff picture. We’re not ready to count the Giants out yet.

  1. Chicago Cubs (94-54) (Previous Week, 1)
  2. Texas Rangers (88-61) (2)
  3. Washington Nationals (88-60) (3)
  4. Cleveland Indians (86-62) (4)
  5. Boston Red Sox (84-64) (5)
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers (84-64) (6)
  7. Toronto Blue Jays (81-67) (7)
  8. Baltimore Orioles (81-67) (8)
  9. San Francisco Giants (79-69) (10)
  10. Detroit Tigers (78-70) (12)
  11. Seattle Mariners (78-70) (15)
  12. Houston Astros (78-70) (9)
  13. New York Mets (79-69) (13)
  14. New York Yankees (77-71) (11)
  15. St. Louis Cardinals (77-71) (14)
  16. Kansas City Royals (75-73) (16)
  17. Miami Marlins (73-75) (17)
  18. Pittsburgh Pirates (74-74) (18)
  19. Chicago White Sox (72-76) (20)
  20. Colorado Rockies (71-77) (19)
  21. Milwaukee Brewers (67-82) (22)
  22. Oakland Athletics (65-83) (25)
  23. Philadelphia Phillies (67-82) (21)
  24. Cincinnati Reds (62-86) (24)
  25. San Diego Padres (62-86) (26)
  26. Arizona Diamondbacks (62-86) (27)
  27. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (64-84) (23)
  28. Tampa Bay Rays (64-84) (28)
  29. Atlanta Braves (57-91) (29)
  30. Minnesota Twins (55-94) (30)

*Records current as of Sunday morning

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