Seager Brothers are Special

TJ Lovenduski

It’s not incredibly uncommon to have brothers both playing Major League Baseball at the same time. But what is rare, is to have them both doing so at the level of Kyle and Corey Seager.

First we have older brother Kyle. Kyle first came up in 2011 and has become a lineup mainstay for the Seattle Mariners. He’s played almost every game since he came up. Now, he’s 28 and looks to be in his prime. This season he’s appeared in 134 games and is slashing .292/.372/.524 with 26 home runs. All are career highs.

Then there’s little brother Corey. who has lived up to all the expectations. He was one of the Los Angeles Dodgers top prospects and it’s clear why. Corey got his first taste of the pros last season, appearing in 27 games. During that time he flashed his serious potential slashing .337/.425/.561. This season he’s shown that those numbers were no fluke. In addition to his 24 home runs, he also has 38 doubles. Then there’s his .317/.378/.535 slash line. Oh, and he’s still technically a rookie. Expect to see him with some hardware come season’s end.

So it’s evident just how well the Seager brothers are playing. This made me wonder if there has ever been a case of any brothers both playing this well in the same season. To simply the process I utilized fWAR. FanGraphs ranks Kyle’s WAR as 5.0 and Corey’s as 7.1, for a combined total of 12.1.

My next step was looking up some of the highly regarded brothers to both play Major League Baseball at the same time. I started with the Alomar brothers, Sandy Jr. and Roberto. They had their best combined season in 1997, but only totaled 7.8 fWAR. Corey could easily pass that number by the end of the season.

Then I went back to 1927, where I found Paul and Lloyd Warner. They are both enshrined in Cooperstown, but only amassed 10.7 fWAR. That’s impressive, but Corey and Kyle have already done better.

That’s when I looked to possible the most famous brothers to play baseball, the DiMaggios. Brother Joe, Dom, and Vince all had successful careers. Joe is a Hall of Famer and holds one of the most impressive records in baseball history with his 56-game hitting streak. But while Joe gets most of the recognition, brothers Dom and Vince both had respectable careers. Dom was probably the better of the two, but it was actually Vince and Joe that had the best combined fWAR in a specific season. That came in 1941 when they totaled 13.6 fWAR. Although it should be noted that Joe was responsible for 9.8 of them.

By comparing the Seager’s to some of the other brother combinations in baseball it puts into perspective just how good they are. Yes, they may not beat out the DiMaggios’ total, but it also needs to be noted how good Kyle and Corey are playing. Kyle has become an all-star caliber player for Seattle, and Corey is one of baseball’s most exciting talents. Together, they make definitely make up one of the best brother combinations in baseball history.


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