Weekly Rankings: September 5th


At 40 games over .500, and a 7-3 record over the last ten games, the Chicago Cubs remain atop our Weekly Rankings yet again. The Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, and New York Mets posted 7-3 records, or better, over their last ten games as they make a push for the playoffs.

With four weeks remaining in the regular season the Seattle Mariners and Pittsburgh Pirates are trending downward. The San Francisco Giants and Baltimore Orioles retain a loose grip on Wild Card spots after rough stretches for both teams.

AL East

Toronto holds a slim one-game lead over the Boston Red Sox, who hold the top spot in the AL Wild Card race. The Orioles are three games back, and the rejuvenated Yankees sit 6.5 games out.

AL Central

The Indians are winners of six straight and hold a 5.5-game lead over the Tigers in the division. The Royals trail by 9.5 games and remain on the outside of the playoff picture despite a strong second half.

AL West

Texas is running away with the AL West despite impressive play out of the surging Astros. Their 9.5-game lead is the second largest in any division. As a side note, the Angels dug themselves out of the basement after an unexpected 8-2 stretch over their last 10 games.

NL East

Daniel Murphy is putting together an MVP-caliber season for the Nationals. Washington holds an 8.5-game lead over the New York Mets, who seem to have found another stud starter in RHP Seth Lugo. The Marlins are not the same team with Giancarlo Stanton, and have stumbled to a 2-8 record over their last ten games. Miami sits four games out of the second NL Wild Card spot. It’s worth noting the Braves climbed three spots in our rankings after going 8-2 over the last ten games.

NL Central

The Cubs sit comfortably atop the division with a 16.5-game lead over the Cardinals. St. Louis does, however, hold a one-game lead ahead of the Mets for the second NL Wild Card spot. The Pirates are losers of six straight and find themselves at .500 yet again this season.

NL West

The Dodgers hold a three-game lead over the Giants in the division. With Yasiel Puig hitting homers, and Kershaw set to return Friday, Los Angeles is poised to hold off San Francisco through September. The clubs have six more meetings before postseason play begins.

  1. Chicago Cubs (88-48) (Previous Week, 1)
  2. Texas Rangers (82-55) (2)
  3. Washington Nationals (79-57) (3)
  4. Cleveland Indians (79-56) (4)
  5. Toronto Blue Jays (77-59) (5)
  6. Boston Red Sox (76-60) (6)
  7. Los Angeles Dodgers (76-60) (8)
  8. Baltimore Orioles (74-62) (7)
  9. San Francisco Giants (73-63) (9)
  10. Detroit Tigers (74-62) (14)
  11. St. Louis Cardinals (71-64) (11)
  12. Houston Astros (72-64) (10)
  13. New York Yankees (70-65) (15)
  14. Kansas City Royals (70-66) (12)
  15. New York Mets (71-66) (18)
  16. Seattle Mariners (69-67) (13)
  17. Miami Marlins (68-69) (16)
  18. Pittsburgh Pirates (67-67) (17)
  19. Colorado Rockies (65-71) (19)
  20. Chicago White Sox (65-71) (21)
  21. Philadelphia Phillies (60-76) (20)
  22. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (61-75) (26)
  23. Milwaukee Brewers (60-76) (24)
  24. Oakland Athletics (58-78) (22)
  25. Cincinnati Reds (57-78) (23)
  26. Arizona Diamondbacks (58-78) (29)
  27. Atlanta Braves (54-83) (30)
  28. San Diego Padres (56-80) (25)
  29. Tampa Bay Rays (58-77) (28)
  30. Minnesota Twins (51-86) (27)


Stats courtesy of ESPN.com


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