Jack Wilshere Loan is Great for All Involved

TJ Lovenduski

Jack Wilshere. That’s name that any soccer fan will know, but not because of reasons a player would want. Wilshere played his first minutes for Arsenal at age 16, becoming the youngest player to do so in the team’s history. He was a player that had serious potential. Players and managers from around the world lauded his abilities.

His potential really came to light in a 2011 Champions League game against Barcelona. He showed his technical ability, and the ability to control the midfield. Also he did it against Xavi and Iniesta, two of the greatest midfielders of this generation. It looked like he was primed to secure a place as one of the best players in England.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it played out. Wilshere has had a constant struggle to stay healthy. He missed the entire 2011-12 season, but had a strong return the next season, once again earning praise across Europe. Then the injuries came gain. He was out for six weeks in 2014, and in the last two seasons he’s only made 17 appearances.

Now, Jack Wilshere finds himself leaving Arsenal on a loan to Bournemouth. That looks like a serious demotion, but it really works for both teams. Wilshere, ultimately, needs to play. He’s still only 24 and when he plays it’s clear that he’s a special talent. Bournemouth is a place that he can get playing time, and he can do so without some of the pressure brought on by an Arsenal kit. And that’s good for Arsenal. It’s possible Wilshere stays healthy and regains the form that garnered so much respect. That leaves them with one of the best players in England playing in their midfield. Any team would be happy to have that.

Bournemouth also benefits from this move. They get a player that has upside. If Wilshere is able to stay on the field, he’ll definitely strengthen their squad.

I really like this move. I think both teams could benefit from it. And I think it’s a great move for Jack Wilshere. I hope he’s able to stay healthy and become the player he can be. But all we can do now is wait and see.

Author: Thrive Nation

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