Weekly Rankings: August 29th


In our final MLB rankings for the month of August, the Chicago Cubs remain the clear cut favorite to win the World Series. The surging Kansas City Royals rose three spots, while the slumping San Francisco Giants and Seattle Mariners fell three spots.


The AL East holds as the most intriguing division down the stretch, with three legitimate World Series contenders in the fold. A new horse in Yankee pinstripes joined the bunch and should be in contention for an AL Wild Card spot in the final lengths.

Despite inconsistent pitching over the last couple weeks, the Cleveland Indians still lead the AL Central. The Royals are looming though, as the team won eight of its last ten games heading into Sunday night. Not to be forgotten, the Detroit Tigers sit just 4.5 games back of the Tribe. With that lineup in Detroit, there’s no question other teams need to respect its prowess through September.

Up 8.5 games over the Astros and Mariners, the Rangers are starting to runaway with the AL West crown. Jonathan Lucroy has not only provided a huge defensive boost to the pitching staff, but he has established himself as a formidable bat in a stout lineup. Carlos Gomez – a real steal off the market – is playing well in Arlington and continues to provide energy and enthusiasm all over the field.


The Washington Nationals are clearly the favorite to win the NL East since the Marlins have not been the same since Giancarlo Stanton landed on the disabled list, and the Mets can’t find consistent pitching and hitting on the same night. Still, the Marlins and Mets sit just 1.5 and 2.5 games, respectively, out of the second NL Wild Card spot.

Over the last several years we’ve become accustomed to an ultra-competitive race in the NL Central. The Cardinals still seem like a sleepy giant, but the team needs better pitching from Adam Wainwright and steady hitting from Matt Carpenter to wake up. Meanwhile, the Pirates are winners of four straight games, sitting just 0.5 games back of the Cardinals in the second NL Wild Card spot. Oh, yeah. The Cubs have the most wins in the majors, and will certainly win the division.

It’s no secret the Giants have been awful since the All-Star break. Not only have they let the Dodgers back into the race, but San Francisco now sits two games behind Los Angeles in the NL West. While the Giants hold the top NL Wild Card spot, they have plenty of time to catch the Dodgers as the teams play each other six more times before the end of the regular season.

  1. Chicago Cubs (82-47) (Previous Week, 1)
  2. Texas Rangers (77-54), (3)
  3. Washington Nationals (75-55), (2)
  4. Cleveland Indians (73-56), (4)
  5. Toronto Blue Jays (74-56), (5)
  6. Boston Red Sox (72-58), (7)
  7. Baltimore Orioles (71-59), (8)
  8. Los Angeles Dodgers (73-57) (9)
  9. San Francisco Giants (71-59), (6)
  10. Houston Astros (68-62), (12)
  11. St. Louis Cardinals (68-61), (11)
  12. Kansas City Royals (68-62), (15)
  13. Seattle Mariners (68-62), (10)
  14. Detroit Tigers (69-61), (14)
  15. New York Yankees (67-62), (13)
  16. Miami Marlins (67-63), (16)
  17. Pittsburgh Pirates (67-61), (17)
  18. New York Mets (66-64), (18)
  19. Colorado Rockies (62-68), (19)
  20. Philadelphia Phillies (60-70), (20)
  21. Chicago White Sox (63-66), (21)
  22. Oakland Athletics (57-73), (22)
  23. Cincinnati Reds (55-74) (23)
  24. Milwaukee Brewers (56-74) (25)
  25. San Diego Padres (55-75), (24)
  26. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (56-74), (27)
  27. Minnesota Twins (49-81), (26)
  28. Tampa Bay Rays (55-74), (28)
  29. Arizona Diamondbacks (55-76), (29)
  30. Atlanta Braves (48-83), (30)

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