5 Most Exciting Plays in Baseball

TJ Lovenduski

Baseball often gets the reputation of being a boring game. There’s a lot of standing around, and not always a lot of action. I think it’s anything but boring. The game is full of excitement and emotion and these are my five most exciting plays:

5. Home Run Robbery

These are the plays the usually fill the highlight reels. Outfielders running back to the wall, timing their jumps in an effort to bring one back. Growing up I always remember seeing Torii Hunter robbing home runs. It seemed like it was every night, but I loved watching those highlights. That hasn’t changed to this day.

4. Inside the Park Home Run

Inside the park home runs are just great to watch. Seeing hitters scramble around the bases and fielders scramble for the ball that usually took a strange bounce of the outfield wall. It’s reminiscent of Little League baseball.  It reminds me of playing baseball as a kid, when it was just pure fun. Sometimes it’s nice to get a reminder that it’s still just a game, and even grown men can look stupid playing it.

3. Outfield Assists

I’m a huge fan of seeing guys in the outfield just unload. It’s crazy to see how far some of these guys can launch a ball, easily eclipsing 200+ feet. Sometimes the runners can be seen with looks of disbelief on their face. Players think they have an easy triple only to find the ball beat them by five feet. It’s easily one of my favorite plays to watch, and a skill that I don’t think gets enough credit.

2. Walk-Off Home Run

There is just something so great about seeing a guy get a hold of ball and helping his team to a win. The emotion that comes over the player. The emotion that comes over the entire team.. It’s one of those plays that reminds us that baseball is a team game, and every player has a part.

1. Stealing Home

To me there is nothing more exciting in baseball than some guy having the nerve to just take off for home. I love it, especially when it’s a straight steal. It’s a race to home plate. Runner vs. pitcher. But it doesn’t have to be a straight steal. As of late, we’ve been able to see Travis Jankowski steal home a few times. He relies on a bit of trickery, waiting for the catcher to throw the ball back to the pitcher and then just taking off, hoping to catch the opposing team off guard. I love seeing it.

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