Weekly Rankings: June 20


1. Chicago Cubs (47-20) (Previous Week, 1)

Yes, the Chicago Cubs are still the best team in baseball, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

2. San Francisco Giants (44-26) (2)

The Giants have extended their lead over the Dodgers after winning all of their games the past week. They’re playing great baseball. Madison Bumgarner could make it into the Home Run Derby. And it’s an even year, so things are looking good in San Francisco.

3. Texas Rangers (45-25) (6)

The Rangers jumped up three spots this week after going 6-1. Their pitching staff continues to impress and the Mariners continue to struggle.

4. Washington Nationals (43-27) (4)

The Nationals continue their stay atop the National League East and Daniel Murphy continues to hit.

5. Boston Red Sox (39-29) (3)

They need pitching. But Xander Bogaerts is showing that he’s one of the best players in the game. He currently leads baseball with an fWAR of 4.0.

6. Baltimore Orioles (40-28) (5)

The Orioles are actually ahead of Boston in the standings and they also have one of the best players in the game in Manny Machado. The AL East is going to be an exciting one.

7. Toronto Blue Jays (39-33) (10)

The Blue Jays offense is scary. They’re going to make things interesting.

8. Cleveland Indians (38-30) (8)

Francisco Lindor and company continue to lead the AL Central by a small margin. Corey Kluber hasn’t been at his peak this season, but stats also show he may be a little unlucky. If he finds his form, the Indians are serious contenders.

9. Kansas City Royals (38-31) (14)

The Royals surged this past week jumping up five spots. They’re proven winners and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see them here.

10. New York Mets (36-32) (7)

The Mets are losing ground in the NL East, but they still have one of the best rotations in baseball. Matt Harvey struggled last start, but has looked better. If the Mets are going to contend, it’ll be because of their rotation.

11. Los Angeles Dodgers (38-33) (16)

12. St. Louis Cardinals (35-33) (12)

13. Seattle Mariners (36-33) (11)

14. Detroit Tigers (34-35) (13)

15. Miami Marlins (37-32) (17)

16. Houston Astros (34-36) (15)

17. Pittsburgh Pirates (33-36) (12)

18. New York Yankees (34-35) (18)

19. Chicago White Sox (33-36) (19)

20. Colorado Rockies (32-36) (20)

21. Arizona Diamondbacks (32-39) (23)

22. Tampa Bay Rays (31-36) (21)

23. Milwaukee Brewers (31-39) (24)

24. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (31-38) (25)

25. Philadelphia Phillies (30-40) (22)

26. Cincinnati Reds (27-42) (27)

27. Oakland Athletics (28-41) (26)

28. San Diego Padres (29-42) (29)

29. Atlanta Braves (23-46) (30)

30. Minnesota Twins (21-48) (29)

Other Notes from the Past Week:

-Freddie Freeman has been mashing From June 12 to June 18, he slashed .467/.515./.933.

-The Phillies continue their fall. They gave up 31 runs to the Blue Jays over four games.

-In June, Zack Greinke, of the Arizona Diamondbacks, has a 0.87 ERA.

-Tim Lincecum won in his Major League return, giving up only 1 run in 6 innings of work.

Stats courtesy of ESPN


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