MLB Rankings: Week of May 23rd


Welcome to our first weekly rankings!

This week our panel of voters agreed on one thing: the Cubs are still the top team, despite a rough week during which they won just two games and lost five. After sweeping the Pirates and the Nationals the previous week, the Cubbies dropped two out of three to both the Brewers and the Padres. Every team goes through a rough stretch at some point, so all this really means is that the Cubs are human.

  1. Chicago Cubs (29-13)
  2. Boston Red Sox (27-17)
  3. San Francisco Giants (27-19)
  4. Chicago White Sox (26-18)
  5. Baltimore Orioles (26-16)
  6. Washington Nationals (27-17)
  7. New York Mets (25-18)
  8. Seattle Mariners (26-17)
  9. Texas Rangers (25-19)
  10. St. Louis Cardinals (23-21)
  11. Pittsburgh Pirates (23-19)
  12. Cleveland Indians (22-19)
  13. Kansas City Royals (22-21)
  14. Los Angeles Dodgers (22-23)
  15. Toronto Blue Jays (22-24)
  16. Detroit Tigers (21-22)
  17. Colorado Rockies (21-21)
  18. Philadelphia Phillies (25-19)
  19. Tampa Bay Rays (20-21)
  20. Arizona Diamondbacks (21-25)
  21. Houston Astros (17-28)
  22. New York Yankees (21-22)
  23. Oakland Athletics (19-26)
  24. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (20-24)
  25. Miami Marlins (22-21)
  26. Cincinnati Reds (15-29)
  27. Milwaukee Brewers (18-26)
  28. San Diego Padres (19-26)
  29. Atlanta Braves (12-31)
  30. Minnesota Twins (11-32)

What to watch for this week:

  • Jackie Bradley Jr. has the chance to extend his hit streak to 33 games this week. As he chases Joe D., everyone should start to pay attention because not only is this young man showing he can rake, but he’s a wizard on defense and is electric to watch.
  • The Cardinals open up this week with a three game set at home against the Chicago Cubs, and then head to Washington to battle the Nationals for four games. The Cardinals have a great opportunity to gain some ground this week, but it won’t be easy.
  • The Yankees, winners of five straight, can stay hot with series against the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays. As we talked about in our previous article Why the Yankees should be Sellers at the Trade Deadline, the Yankees have struggled and should look toward 2017. We hope they prove us wrong and stay competitive in the AL East through the summer.
  • Chris Sale will try to start 10-0 against Josh Tomlin (6-0) and the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday night. On Wednesday afternoon, Jake Arrieta looks to move to 9-0 against Carlos Martinez (4-4) and the Cardinals.

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